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SAJIDA’s COP Journey

SAJIDA Foundation is taking part at the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference or Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC (COP28). SAJIDA will be sharing case studies and learnings from their interventions in the form of multi-tiered community based mental health services and technology driven physical health services. SAJIDA’s Climate Change Programme (CCP) is also implementing climate-resilient livelihood opportunities, and green skills development and developing nature-based solutions for integrated farming, besides creating opportunities for cohabiting people and biodiversity in Shatkhira, Bagerhat, Gaibandha, Kurigram, and Sunamganj of Bangladesh.


CCP Nature Based Solution

At COP28, SAJIDA Foundation will be

  • Sharing their research findings from climate affected communities in Bangladesh
  • Shedding light on impact from SAJIDA’s interventions in the aforementioned communities in the country
  • Sharing relevant knowledge on Locally Led Adaptation
  • Discussing the impact of Nature-based Solutions
  • Highlighting the threat of Non-economic losses and damage (mainly climate-induced mental health issues)
  • Reflecting on strategies to achieve Climate resilience
  • Revealing the strengths of Climate Financing

SAJIDA’s CCP team will also be a part of the climate innovation and side events pavilions at COP28.

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SAJIDA’s Team at COP28

Zahida Fizza Kabir

Zahida Fizza Kabir

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Samiya Selim

Dr. Samiya A. Selim

Advisor - Climate Change Programme

Tajwar Haque

Tajwar Hoque

Director - Development Programmes

Sarah Iqbal

Sarah Iqbal

Senior Investment Manager - Impact Investments

For more details about our team at COP28, please visit: LEADERSHIP & GOVERNANCE

SAJIDA’s Approach for Climate Action

CCP Nature Based Solution (2)

SAJIDA's Climate Change Programme delivers impactful climate solutions while employing a comprehensive '5C-4R' strategy. The CCP incorporates Human, Natural, Physical, Financial, and Social capital contributing to four aspects of resilience-Redundancy, Rapidity, Robustness, and Resourcefulness, to foster resilient communities in the most climate-vulnerable areas of Bangladesh.

To tackle climatic challenges, CCP follows the eight principles of Locally Led Adaptation (LLA) askey to tackling the crises posed by poverty, climate, and nature.

For more information on SAJIDA’s Climate Action approach, please visit: CLIMATE CHANGE PROGRAMME


Climate Innovation Fund

To develop climate-resilient communities, SAJIDA Foundation and the British Asian Trust have jointly launched the Climate Innovation Fund. The Fund will identify, invest and help scale up Bangladesh-based enterprises that present the most impactful and promising solutions for achieving climate resilience.

For more information, click the download link below.

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Climate Financing

Under Climate Financing (CF), the Climate Change Programme of SAJIDA Foundation provides both grant support and loans to the targeted climate-vulnerable communities.

  • Grants alleviate the immediate financial barriers faced by these communities, while
  • Loans offer a sustainable means to invest in climate-resilient initiatives.

This financial support not only shields vulnerable communities from the devastating impacts of climate change but also promotes sustainable agricultural practices that are inherently climate resilient.

For more information, click the download link below.

Happy Family (CCP)
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Climate Resilient Mental Health

In the climate-vulnerable communities of Bangladesh, limited and risky livelihoods cause extreme stress and anxiety among members of almost every household. Child mortality is also high due to unsafe water and limited access to healthcare facilities in these areas.

SAJIDA’s CCP objectives to tackle the crises include mainstreaming mental health support into climate-resilient initiatives, promoting positive coping behaviour for self-care, and integrating mental health to improve the overall health of vulnerable people through the following:

  • Wellbeing Sessions
  • Mental Health First Aid (mhFA)
  • Tele Counselling sessions
  • Household Visits

For more information, click the download link below.

Mental Health (CCP)
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Climate Resilient Physical Health

A survey on impacts of climate on physical health by World Bank showed that climate change has increased the incidences of respiratory illness, skin issues, hypertension and vector-borne diseases like Dengue, Malaria, Zika, Chikungunya and others in vulnerable countries.

The CCP is committed to employ an adequate number of health workers with the required technical capacity to deal with the health risks posed by climate variability and change; and to use resources, information, knowledge and processes exerted by the health sector in case of accelerated climate-related risks.

The following components of Physical Health have been identified by CCP as efficient tools against such health concerns:

  • Static Clinic
  • Telehealth
  • Courtyard Meeting
  • Household Visit

For more information, click the download link below.

CCP Health Care at Home
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SAJIDA at COP27 (6)

At last year’s event, the Climate Change Programme (CCP) team organised a session discussing avenues towards climate resilience through Locally Led Adaptation (LLA), efficient land use patterns in agriculture and pairing Nature Based Solutions for sustainable growth for climate vulnerable communities.

Charting Out Paths Towards Climate Resilience

Anjima begum vegetable
Anjima Khatun's Path to Empowerment

"Now, I am thinking of utilizing the money I earned from selling eggs to buy a small-sized goat. I plan on slowly moving forward from here on." - Anjima Khatun, Programme Participant, Climate Change Programme

thumbnail_CCP Jasmine Begom (2)
A Healthier Tomorrow for Jasmine Begom

"The static clinic provided me with the medical attention I needed, offering not just medication but valuable advice for a healthier life." - Mrs. Jasmine Begom, Programme Participant, Climate Change Programme

thumbnail_CCP Nuruzzaman
Nuruzzaman's Resilient Journey

"The training empowered me with skills to cultivate not just crops, but a sustainable future for my daughters." - Md. Nuruzzaman, Programme Participant, Climate Change Programme

Marjina Khatun
A Journey from Struggle to Resilience

"SAJIDA Foundation's Climate Change Programme has not just provided me with seeds and tools; it's given me the power to transform challenges into opportunities." - Morjina Khatun, Programme Participant, Climate Change Programme

thumbnail_CCP Taniya Begum (2)
Materialising a Dream of having a Duck Farm

"I aspire to establish myself as a successful duck farmer. I seek everyone's cooperation to achieve that." - Taniya Begum, Programme Participant, Climate Change Programme