Morjina’s Journey from Struggle to Resilience
thumbnail_CCP Morjina Khatun

Climate Change Programme

Nov 30, 2023

"SAJIDA Foundation's Climate Change Programme has not just provided me with seeds and tools; it's given me the power to transform challenges into opportunities. Now, as my ducks lay eggs and my vegetable garden flourishes, I see a future where economic independence becomes a reality for my family." - Morjina Khatun, Programme Participant, Climate Change Programme

Marjina, sixth among her siblings, faced the challenges of poverty from a young age in her large family. Residing in Rowmari of Kurigram, her family has always faced financial constraints. As a result, she had to end her education after the fifth grade. At the age of 14, she got married to Abdur Rajjak, an auto-rickshaw driver.

Separated from her family within a year of marriage, Marjina faced financial struggles alongside her in-laws. Her husband's shift from a job to becoming an auto-rickshaw driver added to the difficulties. Amidst these challenges, Marjina found herself pregnant, grappling with various health issues due to poverty and her young age.

In 2023, SAJIDA Foundation initiated a Climate Change Programme (CCP), offering a ray of hope for Marjina. Selected as a participant through the "Kobo Service" in the Kurigram Rowmari branch, she underwent training in climate-resilient vegetable cultivation, internal care, and reducing pesticide use for environmental conservation.

Post-training, SAJIDA Foundation’s CCP equipped Marjina with seven types of vegetable seeds, five types of fruit trees, pheromone traps to minimise pesticide usage, and nets for the safety of ducks and vegetables. Within 18 months, her ducks started laying three eggs, gradually increasing to five eggs daily. This not only fulfilled her family's nutritional needs but also provided additional income when she sold surplus eggs.

Driven by the desire to enhance her family's economic well-being, Marjina plans to expand her income by selling eggs. Her next goal is to invest in purchasing a goat and rearing it. Her long-term goal is to have a small farm. Through SAJIDA Foundation's Climate Change Programme, Marjina has embarked on a transformative journey, turning adversity into resilience.