A Healthier Tomorrow for Mrs. Jasmine Begom
thumbnail_CCP Jasmine Begom

Climate Change Programme

Dec 4, 2023

"The static clinic provided me with the medical attention I needed, offering not just medication but valuable advice for a healthier life." - Mrs. Jasmine Begom, Programme Participant, Climate Change Programme

In the coastal village of Shonatola near Bagerhat, life's struggles were compounded by economic hardships and health issues for Mrs. Jasmine Begom. Born into a family of six siblings and as the daughter of a fisherman, she found herself in a very challenging world. At age 18, economic constraints led her into matrimony with Mohammad Siddique, another soul tethered to the sea.

In 2023, Jasmine Begom, a participant under SAJIDA Foundation's Climate Change Programme (CCP), embarked on a transformative journey. While benefiting from the trainings and inputs related to Climate-Resilient Agriculture (CRA) and Nature-based Solutions (NbS), she acknowledged the importance of comprehensive well-being.

However, her health concerns, encompassing chronic back pain, headaches, and gastric bloating, were significant hurdles. Financial constraints often denied her access to necessary medical attention. The CCP Static Clinic in her community became a beacon of hope in this regard. Here, she received a thorough diagnosis, medication, and valuable health advice that significantly improved her condition.

Follow-up household visits revealed a marked improvement, showcasing the success of SAJIDA Foundation's holistic approach. Jasmine now stands as a testament to the positive impact of integrated livelihood and health interventions, contributing to a healthier and more resilient community.