Nuruzzaman's Resilient Journey
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Climate Change Programme

Dec 7, 2023

"The training empowered me with skills to cultivate not just crops, but a sustainable future for my daughters." - Md. Nuruzzaman, Programme Participant, Climate Change Programme

Md. Nuruzzaman's story unfolds in Bakbandha Village, near Kurigram, reflecting the triumph of hope over adversity. Once financially stable, an unexpected leg injury shattered his world, rendering him unable to work. As the family faced financial turmoil, SAJIDA Foundation's Climate Change Programme emerged as a lifeline.

Selected as a participant, Nuruzzaman underwent training in Climate Resilient Agriculture and Nature-based Solutions. Armed with knowledge and skills, he received a transformative toolkit, including ducks, vegetable seeds, and farming essentials. Nuruzzaman's small plot of land bloomed with vegetables, providing sustenance and a source of income.

The ducks, a symbol of newfound hope, started laying eggs within a month. With dedication, Nuruzzaman nurtured his garden and poultry, turning adversity into opportunity. The proceeds from selling eggs and vegetables not only eased his medical expenses but also supported his daughters' education.

In Nuruzzaman's journey, SAJIDA Foundation played a pivotal role, not just in restoring financial stability but in reigniting the flame of aspirations. The story speaks volumes about the power of community support and sustainable initiatives, illustrating how a small intervention can lead to transformative change.