Pre-COP28 Policy Dialogue on Climate Change and Health

Climate Change Programme

Nov 16, 2023

In collaboration with climate change experts and organizations researching climate change and its effects in Bangladesh, SAJIDA Foundation participated in a 'Pre-COP28 Policy Dialogue on Climate Change and Health,' held at the Bangabandhu International Convention Centre (BICC) on November 15, 2023.

The dialogue was jointly organised by the Embassy of Sweden and the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) as a part of the CAP-RES project, with technical support from the World Bank. The Capacity Strengthening to Limit Climate Impacts & Enhance Resilience (CAP-RES) Project is a collaboration between ICCCAD and the Government of Sweden that will run from 2023 till 2026.

SAJIDA Foundation attended the dialogue, as it’s Climate Change Programme (CCP) team will be taking part at the climate innovation and side events pavilions at COP28, scheduled to run from November 30, 2023 till December 12, 2023 at Expo City in Dubai.

At COP28, SAJIDA will be sharing their research findings from climate affected communities in Bangladesh, impact from their interventions and relevant knowledge on Locally led Adaptation, Nature-based Solution, Non-economic losses and damage (mainly climate-induced mental health issues), Climate resilience and Climate Financing.

At the Pre-Cop28 Policy Dialogue on Climate Change and Health, speakers warned that the number of diseases including respiratory illnesses, vector-borne diseases like dengue and others alongside mental health illnesses are likely to escalate in the coming years.

Tajwar Hoque, Director of Development Programmes, who is also leading the Climate Change Programme at SAJIDA Foundation, said, “Besides generating evidence about climatic changes, there should be more allocations for activities related to interventions.” Hoque emphasized the need for a concentrated endeavour not only in research but also in actively testing and implementing interventions as integral components of evidence-gathering activities. This sets the foundation for a more comprehensive approach, often referred to as 'action-research.' Given the urgency surrounding climate change action plans, this integrated approach maximises the effectiveness of our time and resources.

Alluding to the UN Secretary General’s statement from earlier this year that the era of global warming has ended and “the era of global boiling has arrived”, Hoque stated that interventions already in place at mitigating affects of climate change are going to be effective against impending threats of global boiling.

SAJIDA's CCP is supporting vulnerable areas with multi-tiered community based mental health services, technology driven physical health services. CCP is also implementing climate-resilient livelihood opportunities and green skills development and developing long-term nature-based solutions for disaster risk reduction, besides creating opportunities for cohabiting people and biodiversity. The programme’s solutions, focussing on four areas of intervention- access to fresh water, healthcare, sustainable livelihood, and nature-based solutions- are being implemented currently in Shatkhira, Bagerhat, Gaibandha, Kurigram, and Sunamganj of Bangladesh.

The participants at the dialogue also stressed on the need for improvement in data collection, strengthening the health system and prioritising mental health response in the country to properly tackle the impending crises.

It needs to be mentioned that COP28 will host the first Health Day and climate-health ministerial that aims to build consensus on priority actions for the health system's response to climate change.

SAJIDA Foundation also took part in COP27. At last year’s event, the Climate Change Programme (CCP) team organised a session discussing avenues towards climate resilience through Locally-led Adaptation, efficient land use patterns in agriculture and pairing Nature Based Solutions for sustainable growth for climate vulnerable communities.

Pre COP28 Policy Dialogue on Climate Change and Health (Tajwar)

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