Good Care for a Better Life
Good Care for a Better Life


Sep 22, 2022

"The quality of dialysis treatment I received here has put me and my family at ease."

Forty-two-year-old Sukkuri Begum resides in Serajdikhan Upazila in Munshigaj. She is a strong woman who has come to accept that the dialysis machine is not only a noisy necessity, but rather her lifeline. When she needed dialysis in January 2022, her family took her to various hospitals, but all felt short of her expectations. The unwelcoming environment and the general lack of empathy from hospital staff left Sukkuri Begum and her family in an unfortunate predicament. Sukkuri’s family was looking for a better alternative, where providing an exceptional, caring experience for all dialysis patients was a top priority.

Soon after, Sukkuri’s family learned about SAJIDA hospital. After finally experiencing the quality services of the SAJIDA Hospital, Sukkuri and her family decided to get enlisted for its dialysis treatment. They realized that not only was it an excellent place to come for treatment, but the hospital maintained an outstanding clinical environment and sincerely caring staff. Despite the difficulty traveling from Munshiganj to SAJIDA Hospital, they still decided to come because of the quality of care and comfort they found so reassuring.

Sukkuri Begum and her family noticed the little things that the staff maintained to ensure the highest level of service. Sukkuri preferred to only use the infusion set once for each dialysis session. To prevent the transmission of illnesses, the hospital considered their preference to use a fresh set each time. Sukkuri and her family were delighted by this.

“It is such a relief to see my mother finally at ease. The nurses are extremely well-behaved. They treat my mother as if she were their own. My mother is almost 70% better after receiving the best treatment and care.” Sumaiya Akhter, Sukkuri Begum’s daughter, stated.

An elated Sumaiya Akhter added, “The nurses here are expert and well trained in using all the machinery. If the patient has problems, the nurses contact doctors as soon as possible. My mother has been receiving dialysis from SAJIDA for seven months, and we are happy to continue the treatment here because we are more than satisfied!”