A Dedicated Healer
thumbnail_Dr. Nadia Samsuddin


Nov 13, 2023

“Witnessing a patient's improvement, that feeling is beyond compare." -Dr. Nadia Samsuddin, Indoor Medical Officer, SAJIDA Hospital

Dr. Nadia Samsuddin (33) has been serving as an Indoor Medical Officer at SAJIDA Hospital since 2018. Prior to joining SAJIDA, she accumulated over five years of invaluable experience in the field. What she holds most dear about SAJIDA Hospital is its structured work environment and the adherence to high medical standards.

Since her early years, Dr. Nadia harboured a dream of becoming a doctor, driven by a profound desire to provide meticulous care to the underserved. To her, this profession is a calling that fulfils her soul.

From the initial encounter with an ailing patient to their eventual discharge after recovery, she remains a steadfast presence. Dr. Nadia diligently follows up with patients, ensuring they adhere to prescribed medications, and goes the extra mile to ascertain their needs or if they require specialised care from a consultant. Her entire day is devoted to tending to her patients' well-being.

She reflects, "A doctor cannot guarantee a patient's cure; it's in God's hands. However, a doctor can exert every effort to guide a patient from illness towards recovery. When a patient places their trust in us, second only to God, that's when I feel truly blessed to walk this path."

Dr. Nadia further shares, "When I put on the white coat, I take on the responsibility for each patient's well-being, always striving to give my absolute best in their treatment. Witnessing a patient's improvement, that feeling is beyond compare."

Looking ahead, her aspirations involve continued learning and growth within her profession, aiming to become an even more proficient healthcare provider.