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Urban Poverty Alleviation

Sep 26, 2022

"My wife and I both run profitable businesses of our own now. We can provide for our family the way we had always dreamt of."

Md. Billal Hossain’s life was turned upside down when he lost his mother, and his father remarried. He was already struggling due to insufficient earnings, but loss of his mother affected him exponentially. Billal found adjusting to an entirely new challenging environment and later relocated to Sonaban, Tongi, looking for work and attempting to be self-sufficient. He started working as a day laborer to make a living.

His family grew after he married Shopna Begum. Billal decided to start a small tea stall, hoping his new business would positively impact his livelihood. Unfortunately, due to a significant loss in his small business, he lost all of his capital during COVID. Billal and his wife struggled to deal with the helplessness they experienced during that time.

When a SAJIDA Urban Development Initiative (SUDIN) officer met Billal and introduced him to the initiative, which directly offers livelihood and economic assistance, he saw a glimmer of hope. Billal received a small grant and another loan from SUDIN, for his small business. Billal Hossain also received business training from SUDIN, which taught him how to manage his business effectively and what steps to take to ensure its success. Billal was then prepared to reopen his tea business with more knowledge and support.

Shopna Begum, Billal’s wife, on the other hand, successfully launched her small “Soap” business with the assistance of SUDIN’s vocational training. Shopna buys ingredients from the local soap factory, makes her own soap, and sells it in the neighborhood. She is eager to expand her business in the future.

Billal and Shopna are now happily carrying on with their businesses and making a good profit. The couple believes that the SUDIN program’s livelihood benefit and business skills training helped them achieve their goals and reach stability significantly. Billal and Shopna are now successful business owners who earn a good living, provide for their small family in the way they wish, and save money for their future.