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“SHOJON- tele mental health service” is an initiative of SAJIDA Foundation aiming to ensure mental health care for low, poor, and ultra-poor individuals who otherwise can’t access mental health services. Using this platform any individual sustaining mental distress can take mental health treatment ranging from primary care all the way to long-term intervention such as counseling/psychotherapy and psychiatric support from psychologists and psychiatrists. Anyone from any region of the country can take mental health services in affordable cost using their mobile by calling on a common number. Here, initially a para-counselor provides primary mental health care to a client and then based on psychological assessments refers to SHOJON’s psychologists and/or psychiatrists as per needs. The Helpline No is 09612-119900 & its service remains open every day from 8 am to 8 pm.


Our Projects


SAJIDA Mental Health Program has developed the curriculum of a six-month long certification course on "Community Mental Health Care" with extensive consultations from relevant stakeholders and institutions. The course aims to train and create skilled Community Mental Health Care Workers (CMHWs) who can provide mental healthcare to rural and urban people in Bangladesh. The first round of this course was launched in September 2022 and concluded in February 2023, graduating 18 Participants.

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Kaan Pete Roi is the first and only emotional support and suicide prevention helpline in Bangladesh, staffed by trained volunteers, where people can call to receive immediate support. The mission of the helpline is to alleviate feelings of despair, isolation, distress, and suicidal intent among members of our community. Kaan Pete Roi accomplishes this through confidential, compassionate, and open-minded listening.

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SAJIDA Mental Health Residential Facility is a first-of-its-kind functionality focused mental health residential facility. The facility will be a 50-bed facility for the people who would not have been able to afford the treatment and care otherwise. As a functionality focused model of intervention’s main goal is to aiming towards improvement of the functionality based on individuals needs which may range from self-care to independent living.

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PROSHANTI, a housing intervention with supportive services, is envisioned as a cost-effective and sustainable option for addressing long-term care in mental health. The service aims to provide pathways for the rehabilitation of people in institutional spaces, improve their quality of life, mental health outcomes and community functioning, while promoting human rights.

"Proshanti" Recognised by World Health Organization (WHO)

Our Projects

Moner Kotha Project

SAJIDA Foundation, British Asian Trust (BAT) and Primark initiated “Moner Kotha Project” with the aim of strengthening mental health well-being for garments workers, especially female workers through the integration of mental health information, support and services across the workplace. Major activities of the project are:

* Mental health sensitization session of 50 senior & mid-level management across 5 factories

* Mental health and wellbeing sessions of 2,500 workers (500 male, 2,000 female) across 5 factories

* Train & develop 50 para-counselors across 5 factories for facilitating para-counseling services

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Mental Health Webinars on Self Care During the Pandemic