Our Approach

SAJIDA hospital is committed to making quality healthcare accessible and affordable to low-middle-income groups in Bangladesh. By providing easy-to-access, high-quality healthcare services to those who need it most, SAJIDA is helping to reduce the number of deaths due to treatable causes in the country. The hospital also plays a vital role in strengthening the country's healthcare system by providing systematic infrastructure and resource support to government hospitals.


SAJIDA hospitals ensures the best patient-friendly, clean, and caring clinical environment. With a team of experts and experienced medical professionals, SAJIDA hospitals offer a comprehensive range of services, including in-patient, out-patient, emergency, surgical, diagnostic, lab, pathology, and other specialist care under one roof.

The hospital has a culture of ongoing conversation that involves national and international consultants to address the constraints and deficiencies that service providers face in delivering their jobs with the utmost care and patience.

Notable Milestones

Our Impact

2.32 M

Patients Treated at Outdoor & Emergency


Hospital Admission


Newborns Treated at NICU


Normal Deliveries Performed

A True Blessing
A True Blessing

My profession fills me with a lot of gratitude. The opportunity to be a part of bringing a new life is truly something special.