SAJIDA’s Impact Partners will aim to support organisations which are placed in quadrant (C) and quadrant (D). SAJIDA will extend financial and business development support (BDS) to organisations whose ability to deliver higher social impact is limited due to financial resources and internal structures. The aim is to enable them to deliver greater social impact and become attractive for further support from donors/investors. For organisations which have social returns that are assured, but financial returns that are not, SAJIDA will back these organisations with blended financial support and BDS, move them from quadrant (D) to quadrant (B) and enable them to deliver social returns in a sustainable manner.

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Pillars of Investment Strategy

Focus Sectors & SDGs

Focus Sectors & SDGs (2)

How We Support Organisations

How we Support Organizations

Impact Partners helps to capitalise on greater social impact and create market-ready organisations by providing the support that they need to raise more investment from donors/investors and to deliver social returns in a sustainable manner.



Relaxy is a Gen-Z friendly, mental health-tech startup that offers data driven proactive self-care, primary guidance and psycho-social support based on users' psychological behaviour.

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Cholpori is an edtech platform that provides digital K-5 learning solutions. Cholpori produces high quality, affordable and accessible primary school educational materials for independent study at home and as supplementary teaching tools in class.

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Kaan Pete Roi

Kaan Pete Roi (KPR) is Bangladesh’s pioneering emotional support and suicide prevention helpline. ​Since October 2020, SAJIDA Impact Partners has been supporting KPR to expand and scale up its services with the aim to make it a national level suicide prevention helpline.

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Shikho is a Bangladeshi education technology start-up with a mission to democratize access to high-quality education.

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Fund Manager

Orange Corners

SAJIDA Foundation is the fund manager for the Orange Corners Access to Finance Programme - an initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands that aims to enable Bangladeshi youth with skills, funding and resources to build sustainable businesses & create an inclusive and equitable entrepreneurship ecosystem.


Small Grants

NSU Startups Next

NSU Startups Next is North South University’s flagship incubation platform designed to shape and support early-stage startup founders. With SAJIDA Impact Partners’ strategic sponsorship support, NSUSN will ensure an investment-ready pipeline of companies.

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Small Grants


Hashimukh Shomaj Kallayan Shongstha is a non-profit social welfare organization that collaborated with SAJIDA Impact Partners to ensure free education for 250 underprivileged students for 1 year from January 2023 to December 2023.

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Small Grants


Naripokkho is a women's activist organization working since 1983 for the advancement of women's rights, and entered into an agreement with SAJIDA to ensure 43 Birangona women have access to daily living costs for a period of 1 year (November 2022 to November 2023).


Small Grants


Thrive is a non-profit that connects global donors and local volunteers to schoolchildren living on the streets. With the support of SAJIDA’s impact funds, Thrive has provided over 26,000 nutritious meals to the students of Apon Alo School (Dhaka); Jaago School (Habiganj, Sylhet); and Ucchash School (SonPocha Char River Island, Bogra).

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Small Grants

Center for Zakat Management

Center for Zakat Management (CZM) is a pro-poor social enterprise that successfully established a primary healthcare centre - Azmeri Begum Healthcare centre - with support from SAJIDA. The centre has been operational since August 2021.

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