Our Approach

Drawing on international best practices and SAJIDA’s own work over a decade, SUDIN adopts a multi-dimensional, data-driven approach to developing solutions for the urban poor. Implemented in Chandpur, Chattogram, Dhaka, and Gazipur, the programme incorporates livelihoods, community awareness, education, mental health, and physical health interventions.

Households are enrolled in a 24-month programme designed to provide tailored support with livelihood services, community building, education, mental health and health interventions, as well as linkages with external NGO and Government services.

Distinctive Features of the SUDIN programme

  1. Works with small communities
  2. Targets the most vulnerable urban poor using a customised targeting tool
  3. Works on strengthening social networks of the urban poor
  4. Supports individuals and households to set short-term and long-term goals for themselves
  5. Incorporates mandatory notification principles to prevent further threats
  6. Applies an automated service integration and referral process

Our Streams


Economic Inclusion

To support households to improve their livelihoods through increased, sustainable income and savings. Livelihood support is extended through either the employment track or micro-business set-up, based on an initial assessment of the participants.

Community Building

Community Building

To create and sustain a sense of community ownership and encourage women’s empowerment, SUDIN incorporates elements on effective community networking, creating safe spaces for pavement dwellers, opening up dialogues on women’s empowerment, social security, child marriage and domestic violence.



A community-based tutoring support programme runs alongside schools for children up to Grade 5, reinforcing their learning. 77% of school-age children now attend school, versus 43% before the programme began.


Health & Wellbeing

SUDIN provides mental health services and psychosocial support to women and adolescent groups. Mental health screenings identify adults with moderate to severe symptoms who are referred to SAJIDA’s specialised mental health programme -SHOJON.


Service Integration & Partnerships

To support individuals and communities to access Government, private and NGO services via an integrated referral service network. These currently include legal, emergency shelter, physical and mental health services, government social safety net programmes and formal documentation services.

Recent Milestones

Humble Beginnings
Humble Beginnings

"I have learned a lot about how to run a business. I want to achieve more, and this is only the beginning."