SAJIDA’s Impact Partners will aim to support organisations which are placed in quadrant (C) and quadrant (D). SAJIDA will extend financial and business development support (BDS) to organisations whose ability to deliver higher social impact is limited due to financial resources and internal structures. The aim is to enable them to deliver greater social impact and become attractive for further support from donors/investors. For organisations which have social returns that are assured, but financial returns that are not, SAJIDA will back these organisations with blended financial support and BDS, move them from quadrant (D) to quadrant (B) and enable them to deliver social returns in a sustainable manner.

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How We Support Organisations

How we Support Organizations

Impact Partners helps to capitalise on greater social impact and create market-ready organisations by providing the support that they need to raise more investment from donors/investors and to deliver social returns in a sustainable manner.


Kaan Pete Roi

Kaan Pete Roi is Bangladesh’s pioneering emotional support and suicide prevention helpline. Using the ‘befriending approach’ and through confidential, compassionate, and open-minded listening, Kaan Pete Roi provides a safe space for individuals in need of an immediate emotional outlet to help alleviate feelings of despair, isolation, stress, and suicidal thoughts.

Kaan-Pete-Roi-SAJIDA Foundation

Fund Manager

Orange Corners

Orange Corners is an initiative of the Kingdom of The Netherlands that provides young entrepreneurs across Africa, the Middle East and South Asia with the necessary training, networks and facilities to start and grow their startups.


Small Grants

Center for Zakat Management

Center for Zakat Management CZM is a pro-poor social enterprise that promotes the obligation of Zakat ordained by Allah SWT as an economic tool for bringing prosperity to the needy.


Small Grants


Thrive is a non-profit that connects global donors and local volunteers to schoolchildren living on the streets and in the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh by providing nutritious food and promoting healthy habits for a chance at a better life.


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