Transforming Lives: The Power of Small Loans


Apr 6, 2023

SAJIDA's agriculture loan transformed my life, giving me hope for a better future. I'm now confident in being able to provide for my family and expand my farm. I know it can enrich the lives of others like it has done mine." - Md Poran Ali, Farmer, Agriculture Programme

Md. Poran Ali's life was once riddled with frustration and extreme hardship. The 45-year-old day labourer worked for paltry wages on other people's farms to support his family of five. Adding to his woes, he was weighed down by the burden of debts from local creditors who charged exorbitant interest rates. With his daughter fast approaching marriageable age, his financial worries only mounted.

Despite his best efforts, buying a power tiller with yet another loan only left him drowning in further debt, struggling to make ends meet. It was then that Poran Ali learned about SAJIDA Foundation's agriculture loan programme, one which offered low-interest loans and necessary technical support to burgeoning entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector.

Poran Ali seized the opportunity with both hands and borrowed BDT 50,000 from SAJIDA, using it to purchase a calf and invest in vegetable farming. The move paid off, and he was soon earning between BDT 10,000-12,000 every month. This instilled much-needed confidence that spurred him to take out three more loans, totaling BDT 420,000, which financed his acquisition of a large vegetable and dairy farm, along with eight cows. His monthly income now stands at BDT 40,000, enough to cover his family expenses and repay his outstanding loans.

All Poran really needed was someone to believe in him. Thanks to SAJIDA Foundation's unwavering guidance and steadfast support, he is now armed with a newfound sense of hope - an unrealistic, impossible prospect not so long ago. He now dreams of expanding his farm and exploring new horizons. His story serves as a testament to the transformative power of small loans and how they can change lives.