Building Bridges Event Hosted by SAJIDA


Mar 13, 2023

SAJIDA Foundation organised an event titled 'Building Bridges' at a Dhaka hotel on Monday (13 March). 

The SAJIDA Foundation has organized an event to provide key external stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of its work and explore new collaboration opportunities with potential partners.

The event, titled “Building Bridges”, was arranged at a Lakeshore Hotel Gulshan. It was hosted by SAJIDA Foundation governing body Chairperson Farooq Sobhan, who is also a former foreign secretary, chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, and co-founder of the Bangladesh Enterprise Institute. 

Addressing the event, Farooq Sobhan said: “Over the years, SAJIDA Foundation has built up its programme interventions by undertaking self-financed pilot projects. It is from the learning experiences, empirical evidence and course corrections generated from these pilot projects that we seek to scale-up some of our programmes with additional funding from the private sector, philanthropic organisations at home and abroad, as well as our development partners. This is where partnerships and building bridges will play a critical role. 

“We hope that SAJIDA's story will continue to be one of innovations, and adapting to emerging realities, with the overarching aim of serving the most marginal and underserved communities,” he added. 

SAJIDA Foundation CEO Zahida Fizza Kabir said: “Our founder, Syed Humayun Kabir had a strong moral compass with a heightened sense of compassion and empathy for those less fortunate. Armed with his core belief in philanthropy and his firm commitment in giving back to the community, he believed that honing our understanding about poverty would enable us to better serve the needs of the poor and marginalised. It is this belief system that has structured SAJIDA Foundation's unique set of values and the shared vision for change to build a more equitable society.”

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