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'SUDIN Sotta 2.0': Spotlight on Dalit Artisan’s Brilliance

SAJIDA Foundation, a leading non-profit committed to positive social transformation, showcased the artistic brilliance of Beraid's Dalit artisans at the 'SUDIN Sotta 2.0' event in Aloki, Tejgaon.

The event, attended by 200 guests, featured a captivating fashion show with members of the Beraid Rishi Community taking the runway, donning clothes and accessories crafted by these skilled artisans. An auction of unique products crafted by them was also organised to enhance engagement.

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Farooq Sobhan, Chairperson of SAJIDA Foundation, extended a heartfelt greeting to the distinguished guests at the event. "SUDIN Sotta is not just an event; it is a platform for exchange, a space where our shared dream of a better tomorrow for all converge, and where friendships are forged," he said.

Farooq Sobhan

Chairperson, SAJIDA Foundation

Zahida Fizza Kabir, CEO of SAJIDA Foundation's expressed gratitude, stating, "SUDIN Sotta beautifully highlighted the impactful work of the SUDIN Programme, aiming to serve those who get left behind, eradicating urban poverty and nurturing community development."

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Zahida Fizza Kabir

Chief Executive Officer, SAJIDA Foundation

Moly Rani Das, a proud SUDIN programme participant, emphasised the transformative impact of the training, stating, "Before, supporting my household was a challenge. Now, with confidence, I believe this skill will pave the way for better possibilities for my family."

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The community partners (entrepreneurs) at the event were RANGTAA, TANIS Bangladesh, Paar, Shabana, Bhaj Binnash, Sutantu, Loukik, Rangdaru and Piran Bangladesh. The other partners at the event were Md. Al Amin (Artwork), Abid Azad (Photography) and Sumaia Akter Sumi (Fashion Choreography). Persona was the Make-up partner for the event.

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Since 1993, SAJIDA Foundation has been dedicated to ensuring health, happiness, and dignity for all. The SUDIN programme, currently active in Chandpur, Chattogram, Dhaka, and Gazipur, provides tailored support, including livelihood services, community building, education, mental health interventions, and health services.

SUDIN Sotta 2.0: A Glimpse into the Brilliance of Dalit Artisans