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SAJIDA at the AVPN Global Conference 2024

We are attending the 11th edition of the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) Global Conference 2024 in Abu Dhabi happening from 23 - 25 April. Driven by the theme “One Asia, One Future”, we will be networking and conducting workshops during the 3-day conference.

Our Engagements

Asia Gender Network (AGN) Day
22nd April 2024

The AGN Day is curated for members of the Asia Gender Network alongside the annual AVPN Global Conference. This year, "AGN Day - A Women Economic Empowerment Gathering" is crafted for in collaboration with Ms. Shaikha Al Nowais from the ROTANA Group and the esteemed Abu Dhabi Office of Development Affairs, this year's gathering promises an inspiring array of discussions, knowledge-sharing sessions, and impactful interactions, all geared towards boosting economic empowerment initiatives for women and girls across Asia.

Asia Gender Network (AGN) Day (1)

Our Engagements

Accelerating Collaboration for Climate Resilient Future
23rd April 2024

Achieving a climate-resilient future necessitates collaborative efforts that transcend barriers, unite unlikely partners, and harness collective expertise. This is imperative particularly pressing in Asia, given its diverse geography, substantial population, and economic reliance on climate-sensitive regions.

This session explored the synergy between philanthropy, private enterprise, and governmental efforts in nature conservation and climate-resilient livelihoods. During the session, invaluable insights into collaborative frameworks were uncovered, along with financial strategies, and regulatory landscapes. These are crucial for sustainable progress in climate action initiatives. Participants explored various collaboration models addressing challenges and unlocking opportunities for impactful solutions.

AVPN Day 2 (3)

Our Engagements

Fostering Women's Economic Empowerment through Philanthropy
25th April 2024

This workshop focused on improving funding for programmes that promote women's economic empowerment in Asia. Participants delved into the "Principles for Giving with a Gender Lens," a tool that guides philanthropic giving centred on women's economic empowerment across various sectors. The workshop featured small group discussions, case study presentations, and hands-on activities to understand and apply these principles effectively.

AVPN Day 3 (4)

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SAJIDA’s Team at AVPN 2024

Zahida Fizza Kabir (2023)

Zahida Fizza Kabir

Chief Executive Officer

Muhymin Chowdhury - HQ

Muhymin Chowdhury

Director - Impact Investment and Partnerships

Tajwar Haque

Tajwar Hoque

Director - Development Programmes

A K Faizan Salam

A.K. Faizan Salam

Associate Director - Investments, Budget Control and Evaluation

Shamira M

Shamira Mostafa

Head of Research, Monitoring, Results Measurement and Risk Management


Sarah Iqbal

Head of Impact Partners


Suraiya Mehnaz

Assistant Coordinator - Development Programmes

For more details about our team at AVPN 2024, please visit: LEADERSHIP & GOVERNANCE

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